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Adjustable nipple clamps MEDIUM - with chain

• Nipple clamps with chain
• Adjustable clamps for maximum pressure
• Suitable for beginners ánd experts
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Adjustable nipple clamps MEDIUM - with chain

Enjoyable nipple clamps suitable for beginners ánd expert users. These nipple clamps are easily adjusted to whatever pressure you prefer!

The chain in the middle (35 cm) can add that extra amount of dominance, by pulling it, attach a rope or even a second chain to it making it even more exciting!

The clamp's tips have a plactic case on it, making in more comfortable than just bare metal. These can be removed if you like it rough, the tip's have small "teeth" on it that clamps down on the skin and can hurt. Only for experts!


Euphoria sells a variety of different sizes of adjustable nipple clamps:

- Medium, opens up, up towards 20 mm.

- Large, opens up, up towards 15 mm.

These clamps are bigger en wider and put a lot more pressure on the nipples. The chain remains the same for all versions (25 cm).

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0 stars based on 0 reviews