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Anal toys

These toys are specially selected by Euphoria for anal. They are wider at the bottom so they can not enter and get stuck in your body. From small to large, vibrating or not. You can find everything for anal here! Hard to choose? We are happy to advise you

Anal toys

Buy The Best Anal Toys Online

Did you know that almost half of all toys that we sell are intended for anal? It is a very popular category for ladies and more and more men are also discovering that anal stimulation can be nice! Just extra, naughty stimulation during sex or even anal orgasms / prostatic organs are possible for women and men.

Always use a pleasant lubricant for anal sex and toys. There is even lubricant specially made for anal use. With silicone toys it is best to use only water-based lubricant or lubricant that is specially made for it. This is because silicone lubricant can affect your toy, making it dirty and sticky. That is of course not the intention!

At Euphoria we have almost 200 different toys that are suitable for anal. Enough choice! It is important that the bottom is wider than the toy itself, so it cannot shoot inwards. Are you still unable to figure it out or do you have a question about a certain product? Do not hesitate to ask us for advice! This can be done online on the website, via mail or whatsapp or on social media. You can also visit our store in Heerenveen.