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Beppy Wet Tampons

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Beppy Tampons are designed so that no string is visible during your period. In addition, these tampons have sex during your period without kliederboel.
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Beppy Wet Tampons

The Beppy Tampons are a phenomenon. A tampon you insert invisible (without cord) and untouchable (high in the vagina). Both your partner and you will not feel down the Beppy tampons. Ideal for sports, swimming, sex, sauna or clothing optional. No more strings, or absorb menstruation.

Beppy exist in two types: Wet and Dry. These are the Beppy tampons Act. These are provided with a small layer of lubricant to facilitate insertion. There is a pullback tab to make it easier removal.

The introduction and removal of Beppy's is as a twist. The manual clearly defined what are the best ways. Briefly bring the Beppy's as high as possible in the vagina in: against the cervix. Removing a Beppy tampon you put a little squeeze your pelvic floor muscles and engage with one or two fingers.

Even if you really do not succeed, there is always an emergency solution: rinse with a little water. The tampon becomes heavier, and thus it is much easier from among (with gravity).

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