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King Cock Fit Rite - Universal strap harness

The Rite Fit strap harness King Cock firm! Looks and feels luxurious. Suitable for virtually any dildo with a suction cup. Adjustable up to 52 inch (= 130 cm). Runs under your buttocks.
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King Cock Fit Rite - Universal strap harness

The Rite Fit strap harness, unlike many harnesses no string between your buttocks. There are two straps under your buttocks, so he is stronger and more comfortable than other variants. Moreover, there remains this way access to your genitals. Sturdy design, luxury and sturdy and adjustable up to 52 inches circumference. Therefore it is suitable for all couples seeking a new challenge. King Cock and all products are handmade in the USA. Without plasticizers, latex-free, body-safe and hypoallergenic.

King Cock Fit Rite fits!

What dildo or vibrator you too: as long as a sucker behind it, is fitting with this harness. Choose also a realistic dildo King Cock? These are handmade (really!) In the USA. But the luxury silicone dildos Fun Factory are perfect for use in a harness.

Note: Excluding dildo

Specifications King Cock Fit Rite harness

- Manufacturer: King Cock (Pipedream)
- Material: Vinyl
- Adjustable: yes, up to 52 inches
- Handmade in USA
- Firmer than other harnesses
- without tedious string between your buttocks
- Adjustable at waist and under the buttocks
- Virtually fit any dildo / vibrator with suction cup (choose one example of King Cock)
- the Fit Rite harness is suitable for advanced and beginners who prefer not cut back on quality and rigidity.

Material: Silicone
Body Safe: Yes
Size harness:
Universal: Yes
Safe for anal use: Yes
Suited lubricant: Only water based
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0 stars based on 0 reviews