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Fun Factory Miss Bi G5 duovibrator - 17 x 4.18 cm

Ms. Bi is a popular duo vibrator Euphoria. That's because of the friendly appearance, but unprecedented power. Also stimulates Miss Bi clitoris as well as g-spot. Choose quality: 2 years warranty!
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Fun Factory Miss Bi G5 duovibrator - 17 x 4.18 cm

This is one of Miss Bi duovibrator Euphoria's popular products. And we are happy! We prefer to sell at Euphoria namely the A-quality vibrators by Fun Factory. Because we are sure that our customer has bought something good. The Miss Bi vibrator has two control vibrators separately. One in the thicker shank part and one in the clitoris. She is shorter than the average duovibrator so they rather touches the clitoris when you insert it. All Fun Factory products are made entirely in Germany. You also get a 2 year warranty.
Rechargeable, waterproof (yes even in the bath), the best materials. And, for Euphoria, the best brand in the world: Fun Factory </ p>.

" The Miss Bi is addictive, I got him there bijgepakt almost daily! I'm still not enough to look only makes me very happy and excited, this is definitely a topper . "-. Candy (Euphoria Test Panel) </ em> </ strong> </ p> </ Blockquote>

Appearance of the Fun Factory Miss Bi </ h2>

Miss Bi comes in a beautifully designed box. And manufacturers who pay attention to packaging, do the same for their products. Fun Factory is one such company! He looks slick: Beautiful shapes, convenient handle and fine materials. You could almost call it sweet! But they are not always. The quiet delights, but there's a lot Powerrr in the Miss Bi duovibrator. </ P>

You can easily determine yourself if you want to feel the power, because the operation is simple. If you're holding the handle, the controls are right at your finger tips. The vibrator is made of soft silicone silk of the highest quality. Both the tip and the clitoris stimulator are flexible.

the design with the clitoris stimulator also makes it possible to use the Miss Bi for anal stimulation. Be the clitoral stimulator also vibrate easily at the anus to. And it's safe to bring anal in the Miss Bi, for clitoral vibrator ensures that he can not shoot inside. </ P>

Where does the Miss Bi its power from? </ H2>

The Miss Bi is a powerful vibrator. They can be very soft and slow (yet intense) vibration. But they can really give very deep vibrations that penetrate deep into your body. We find it really Euphoria that Fun Factory forefront. That power comes from internal rechargeable battery and the powerful G5 vibrator. Thanks to the battery vibrator can deliver much more power than battery models. When battery power is quickly reduced. Then you should do it with mild to moderate vibrations. But such a battery is the same force you to him between charges.

There's just nowhere to cut: the vibrator that is in it is relatively heavy and large. That means less rapid vibrations, but much more powerful! Come the Miss Bi especially feel it in our store! Bet they can convince you? </ P>

Control is simple and effective </ h3>

How annoying it is to control a toy is difficult? Very annoying! Sometimes you have to completely figure out how to purchase & amp him; expands. When Ms. Bi is a piece of cake. There are three buttons: a red FUN button, a large circle and a small circle. Red FUN button is the on and off button. 0.5 sec impressions and he is going to. In short then he goes again! Perfect if you're ready or come as you almost caught. With the large circle you control the larger vibrator (shaft) and the smaller circle clitoral vibrator. Both of these are separate from each other in the 6-position, or to turn off. In total you can both vibrators so into 2x 7 different positions. These are 7x7 = 49 different possibilities

The vibrator is easily recharged with the supplied Click 'N Charge -. Charger. The two magneetcontactjes clicks easily onto the vibrator. Plug the cable into a USB adapter (eg. Your phone), power bank or PC and charging starts. All USB ports work. </ P>

SMALL IS FINE! - The Miss Bi is quite short </ h3>

If you look at the average duo or rabbit vibrator you often see your vibrator to insert a long way before you even have simultaneous clitoral stimulation. That can be annoying, because not every vagina is equally deep. And many women (not all) find it uncomfortable if something happens against their cervix. Therefore the Miss Bi deliberately shorter than other models. This way you do not spend far this duovibrator to all take advantage of the dual stimulation. SUPER SLIM!

What they have less to length, they make up for it by the thickness. Which is in fact firmly enjoyable. That's nice, because that way you stimulate the g-spot easier! This design works well, we now know for sure: it is not for nothing one of our most popular products. </ P>

Has the Miss Bi actually downsides? </ H3>

All products are of course pros and cons, but the list of negatives the Miss Bi is very short. Do you enjoy deep penetration? Then the Miss Bi is not really suitable for you. For example, choose the larger sister: Fun Factory's Lady Bi. If you already know that you are more ticklish vibrations than the deeper, you might be better to choose an alternative. The Cayona and Amorino Fun Factory vibrate somewhat less intense and are slightly cheaper. </ P>

Our conclusion about the Miss Bi duovibrator </ h3>

By purchasing the Miss Bi you know you are properly seated. The best quality you can for years ahead. For almost everyone is suitable and the power of Miss Bi will amaze you definitely surprised. Moreover, it is designed very beautiful and smart. The Fun Factory Miss Bi is not for nothing that one of our bestsellers. If you are not satisfied or if you have any questions please contact us. We also help online you happy. Or come the Miss Bi feel in our store! </ P>

Miss Bi duovibrator - Specifications </ h3>

  • Both G-spot and clitoral stimulation with 2 separate vibrators </ li>
  • Broad and clitoris flexible part for optimum tangent upper project, acceptance </ li>
  • Curved top for G-spot stimulation </ li>
  • Short toy, particularly to promote the duo-stimulation </ li>
  • Thicker at the beginning of the shaft for a rich feel </ li>
  • Rechargeable with Click'N'Charge System Fun Factory (incl.) </ Li>
  • 100% waterproof (also for the bath), </ li>
  • POPULAIR </ li>
  • Total length 17,0 cm </ li>
  • Diameter: 4.2 (thickest point) </ li>
  • You get 2 year warranty on the Miss Bi duovibrator </ li> </ Ul>

Body safe: Yes
Power: Rechargeable
Insertable length:
Number of settings:
Waterproof: Fully waterproof
Safe for anal use: Yes
Suited lubricant: Only water based
Warranty: 1 year manufacturer's warranty
1 stars based on 1 reviews
Anne 17-05-2019

Ik kan kort zijn: deze 'past' mij gewoon niet. Spijtig, want het intern gedeelte is wel zalig. Ik wou dat het interne gedeelte bestond zonder het clitorisgedeelte

1 stars based on 1 reviews