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Geisha balls and vibrating eggs

Whether you're looking for loveballs to train your pelvic floor muscles or a vibrating egg to be secretly spoiled by your partner with remote control, on this page you can find them all, use the filters to search further, or ask us for advice!

Geisha balls and vibrating eggs

Training pelvic floor muscles? After childbirth, the muscles of the pelvic floor are often somewhat loosened. You also feel this during sex! Do you want to train these muscles more tightly? Then use vaginal balls. These help you stimulate the muscles and so you get tighter.

In general, the bigger and lighter the easier it is to hold the balls. So if you have small and heavy balls on the eye, these are a bit harder to hold and you can better purchase if you can easily hold the lighter balls.

In most balls there is another ball that moves when you move, so you feel the movement of the balls when you have them. So this is not only nice to train your muscles with, but also to wear under your clothing.

Vibrating eggs are often secretly worn under clothing. You can control this with a remote control by, for example, your partner. Nice if you visit your in-laws...

Have you looked at all the vibrating eggs and loveballs, but still can't make a choice? Ask us for advice in the chat or, if you live nearby, stop by our store in Heerenveen (Friesland, The Netherlands)!